• xThreat Vector: Repudiation
IDNameImplementation GroupsThreats
3Data Protection   STRIDE-LM
3.14Log Sensitive Data Access  STRIDE-LM
4Secure Configuration of Enterprise Assets and Software   STRIDE-LM
4.3Configure Automatic Session Locking on Enterprise AssetsSTRIDE-LM
5Account Management   STRIDE-LM
5.3Disable Dormant AccountsSTRIDE-LM
8Audit Log Management   STRIDE-LM
8.2Collect Audit LogsSTRIDE-LM
8.5Collect Detailed Audit Logs STRIDE-LM
8.8Collect Command-Line Audit Logs STRIDE-LM
12Network Infrastructure Management   STRIDE-LM
12.6Use of Secure Network Management and Communication Protocols STRIDE-LM