IDNameImplementation GroupsThreats
    6.1Establish an Access Granting ProcessSTRIDE-LM
    6.2Establish an Access Revoking ProcessSTRIDE-LM
    6.3Require MFA for Externally-Exposed ApplicationsSTRIDE-LM
    6.4Require MFA for Remote Network AccessSTRIDE-LM
    6.5Require MFA for Administrative AccessSTRIDE-LM
    6.6Establish and Maintain an Inventory of Authentication and Authorization Systems STRIDE-LM
    6.7Centralize Access Control STRIDE-LM
    6.8Define and Maintain Role-Based Access Control  STRIDE-LM
    7Continuous Vulnerability Management   STRIDE-LM
    7.1Establish and Maintain a Vulnerability Management ProcessSTRIDE-LM
    7.2Establish and Maintain a Remediation ProcessSTRIDE-LM
    7.3Perform Automated Operating System Patch ManagementSTRIDE-LM
    7.4Perform Automated Application Patch ManagementSTRIDE-LM
    7.5Perform Automated Vulnerability Scans of Internal Enterprise Assets STRIDE-LM
    7.6Perform Automated Vulnerability Scans of Externally-Exposed Enterprise Assets STRIDE-LM
    7.7Remediate Detected Vulnerabilities STRIDE-LM
    8Audit Log Management   STRIDE-LM
    8.1Establish and Maintain an Audit Log Management ProcessSTRIDE-LM
    8.2Collect Audit LogsSTRIDE-LM
    8.3Ensure Adequate Audit Log StorageSTRIDE-LM
    8.4Standardize Time Synchronization STRIDE-LM
    8.5Collect Detailed Audit Logs STRIDE-LM
    8.6Collect DNS Query Audit Logs STRIDE-LM
    8.7Collect URL Request Audit Logs STRIDE-LM
    8.8Collect Command-Line Audit Logs STRIDE-LM
    8.9Centralize Audit Logs STRIDE-LM
    8.10Retain Audit Logs STRIDE-LM
    8.11Conduct Audit Log Reviews STRIDE-LM
    8.12Collect Service Provider Logs  STRIDE-LM
    9Email and Web Browser Protections   STRIDE-LM
    9.1Ensure Use of Only Fully Supported Browsers and Email ClientsSTRIDE-LM
    9.2Use DNS Filtering ServicesSTRIDE-LM
    9.3Maintain and Enforce Network-Based URL Filters STRIDE-LM
    9.4Restrict Unnecessary or Unauthorized Browser and Email Client Extensions STRIDE-LM
    9.5Implement DMARC STRIDE-LM
    9.6Block Unnecessary File Types STRIDE-LM
    9.7Deploy and Maintain Email Server Anti-Malware Protections  STRIDE-LM
    10Malware Defenses   STRIDE-LM
    10.1Deploy and Maintain Anti-Malware SoftwareSTRIDE-LM
    10.2Configure Automatic Anti-Malware Signature UpdatesSTRIDE-LM
    10.3Disable Autorun and Autoplay for Removable MediaSTRIDE-LM
    10.4Configure Automatic Anti-Malware Scanning of Removable Media STRIDE-LM
    10.5Enable Anti-Exploitation Features STRIDE-LM
    10.6Centrally Manage Anti-Malware Software STRIDE-LM
    10.7Use Behavior-Based Anti-Malware Software STRIDE-LM
    11Data Recovery   STRIDE-LM
    11.1Establish and Maintain a Data Recovery ProcessSTRIDE-LM
    11.2Perform Automated BackupsSTRIDE-LM
    11.3Protect Recovery DataSTRIDE-LM
    11.4Establish and Maintain an Isolated Instance of Recovery DataSTRIDE-LM