• xThreat Vector: Denial of Service
AU-4Audit Log Storage Capacity STRIDE-LM
(1)Transfer to Alternate Storage    STRIDE-LM
AU-5Response to Audit Logging Process Failures STRIDE-LM
(1)Storage Capacity Warning   STRIDE-LM
(2)Real-time Alerts   STRIDE-LM
(3)Configurable Traffic Volume Thresholds    STRIDE-LM
AU-6Audit Record Review, Analysis, and Reporting STRIDE-LM
(3)Correlate Audit Record Repositories  STRIDE-LM
(5)Integrated Analysis of Audit Records   STRIDE-LM
(6)Correlation with Physical Monitoring   STRIDE-LM
(9)Correlation with Information from Nontechnical Sources    STRIDE-LM
CP-4(5)Self-challenge    STRIDE-LM
CP-6Alternate Storage Site  STRIDE-LM
(1)Separation from Primary Site  STRIDE-LM
(2)Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives   STRIDE-LM
(3)Accessibility  STRIDE-LM
CP-7Alternate Processing Site  STRIDE-LM
(1)Separation from Primary Site  STRIDE-LM
(2)Accessibility  STRIDE-LM
(3)Priority of Service  STRIDE-LM
(4)Preparation for Use   STRIDE-LM
(6)Inability to Return to Primary Site    STRIDE-LM
CP-8Telecommunications Services  STRIDE-LM
(1)Priority of Service Provisions  STRIDE-LM
(2)Single Points of Failure  STRIDE-LM
(3)Separation of Primary and Alternate Providers   STRIDE-LM
(4)Provider Contingency Plan   STRIDE-LM
(5)Alternate Telecommunication Service Testing    STRIDE-LM
CP-9System Backup STRIDE-LM
(1)Testing for Reliability and Integrity  STRIDE-LM
(2)Test Restoration Using Sampling   STRIDE-LM
(3)Separate Storage for Critical Information   STRIDE-LM
(5)Transfer to Alternate Storage Site   STRIDE-LM
(6)Redundant Secondary System    STRIDE-LM
(7)Dual Authorization    STRIDE-LM
(8)Cryptographic Protection  STRIDE-LM
CP-10System Recovery and Reconstitution STRIDE-LM
(2)Transaction Recovery  STRIDE-LM
(4)Restore Within Time Period   STRIDE-LM
(6)Component Protection    STRIDE-LM
CP-11Alternate Communications Protocols    STRIDE-LM
CP-13Alternative Security Mechanisms    STRIDE-LM
PE-9(1)Redundant Cabling    STRIDE-LM
(2)Automatic Voltage Controls    STRIDE-LM
PE-21Electromagnetic Pulse Protection    STRIDE-LM
SC-5Denial-of-service Protection STRIDE-LM
(1)Restrict Ability to Attack Other Systems    STRIDE-LM
(2)Capacity, Bandwidth, and Redundancy    STRIDE-LM
(3)Detection and Monitoring    STRIDE-LM
SC-6Resource Availability    STRIDE-LM