• xThreat Vector: Tampering
AC-3Access Enforcement STRIDE-LM
(5)Security-relevant Information    STRIDE-LM
(9)Controlled Release    STRIDE-LM
AC-17(2)Protection of Confidentiality and Integrity Using Encryption  STRIDE-LM
AC-19(5)Full Device or Container-based Encryption  STRIDE-LM
AC-25Reference Monitor    STRIDE-LM
AU-6Audit Record Review, Analysis, and Reporting STRIDE-LM
(3)Correlate Audit Record Repositories  STRIDE-LM
(5)Integrated Analysis of Audit Records   STRIDE-LM
(6)Correlation with Physical Monitoring   STRIDE-LM
(8)Full Text Analysis of Privileged Commands    STRIDE-LM
(9)Correlation with Information from Nontechnical Sources    STRIDE-LM
AU-9Protection of Audit Information STRIDE-LM
(1)Hardware Write-once Media    STRIDE-LM
(2)Store on Separate Physical Systems or Components   STRIDE-LM
(3)Cryptographic Protection   STRIDE-LM
(4)Access by Subset of Privileged Users  STRIDE-LM
(5)Dual Authorization    STRIDE-LM
(6)Read-only Access    STRIDE-LM
AU-16(3)Disassociability    STRIDE-LM
CM-3Configuration Change Control  STRIDE-LM
(1)Automated Documentation, Notification, and Prohibition of Changes   STRIDE-LM
(2)Testing, Validation, and Documentation of Changes  STRIDE-LM
(3)Automated Change Implementation    STRIDE-LM
(4)Security and Privacy Representatives  STRIDE-LM
(5)Automated Security Response    STRIDE-LM
(6)Cryptography Management   STRIDE-LM
(7)Review System Changes    STRIDE-LM
(8)Prevent or Restrict Configuration Changes    STRIDE-LM
CM-5Access Restrictions for Change STRIDE-LM
(1)Automated Access Enforcement and Audit Records   STRIDE-LM
(4)Dual Authorization    STRIDE-LM
(5)Privilege Limitation for Production and Operation    STRIDE-LM
(6)Limit Library Privileges    STRIDE-LM
CM-11(2)Software Installation with Privileged Status    STRIDE-LM
CM-14Signed Components    STRIDE-LM
MA-2Controlled Maintenance STRIDE-LM
(2)Automated Maintenance Activities   STRIDE-LM
MA-3Maintenance Tools  STRIDE-LM
(1)Inspect Tools  STRIDE-LM
(2)Inspect Media  STRIDE-LM
(3)Prevent Unauthorized Removal  STRIDE-LM
(4)Restricted Tool Use    STRIDE-LM
(5)Execution with Privilege    STRIDE-LM
(6)Software Updates and Patches    STRIDE-LM
MA-4Nonlocal Maintenance STRIDE-LM
(1)Logging and Review    STRIDE-LM
(3)Comparable Security and Sanitization   STRIDE-LM
(4)Authentication and Separation of Maintenance Sessions    STRIDE-LM
(5)Approvals and Notifications    STRIDE-LM