DSI: Data Security & Information Lifecycle Management


DSI-01: Classification

Data and objects containing data shall be assigned a classification by the data owner based on data type, value, sensitivity, and criticality to the organization.

DSI-02: Data Inventory / Flows

Policies and procedures shall be established, and supporting business processes and technical measures implemented, to inventory, document, and maintain data flows for data that is resident (permanently or temporarily) within the service’s geographically distributed (physical and virtual) applications and infrastructure network and systems components and/or shared with other third parties to ascertain any regulatory, statutory,…

DSI-03: Ecommerce Transactions

Data related to electronic commerce (ecommerce) that traverses public networks shall be appropriately classified and protected from fraudulent activity, unauthorized disclosure, or modification in such a manner to prevent contract dispute and compromise of data.

DSI-04: Handling / Labeling / Security Policy

Policies and procedures shall be established for the labeling, handling, and security of data and objects which contain data. Mechanisms for label inheritance shall be implemented for objects that act as aggregate containers for data.

DSI-05: Non-Production Data

Production data shall not be replicated or used in non-production environments. Any use of customer data in non-production environments requires explicit, documented approval from all customers whose data is affected, and must comply with all legal and regulatory requirements for scrubbing of sensitive data elements.

DSI-07: Secure Disposal

Policies and procedures shall be established with supporting business processes and technical measures implemented for the secure disposal and complete removal of data from all storage media, ensuring data is not recoverable by any computer forensic means.