IPY: Interoperability & Portability


IPY-01: APIs

The provider shall use open and published APIs to ensure support for interoperability between components and to facilitate migrating applications.

IPY-02: Data Request

All structured and unstructured data shall be available to the customer and provided to them upon request in an industry-standard format (e.g., .doc, .xls, .pdf, logs, and flat files).

IPY-03: Policy & Legal

Policies, procedures, and mutually-agreed upon provisions and/or terms shall be established to satisfy customer (tenant) requirements for service-to-service application (API) and information processing interoperability, and portability for application development and information exchange, usage, and integrity persistence.

IPY-04: Standardized Network Protocols

The provider shall use secure (e.g., non-clear text and authenticated) standardized network protocols for the import and export of data and to manage the service, and shall make available a document to consumers (tenants) detailing the relevant interoperability and portability standards that are involved.

IPY-05: Virtualization

The provider shall use an industry-recognized virtualization platform and standard virtualization formats (e.g., OVF) to help ensure interoperability, and shall have documented custom changes made to any hypervisor in use and all solution-specific virtualization hooks available for customer review.