SEF: Security Incident Management, E-Discovery, & Cloud Forensics


SEF-01: Contact / Authority Maintenance

Points of contact for applicable regulation authorities, national and local law enforcement, and other legal jurisdictional authorities shall be maintained and regularly updated (e.g., change in impacted-scope and/or a change in any compliance obligation) to ensure direct compliance liaisons have been established and to be prepared for a forensic investigation requiring rapid engagement with law…

SEF-02: Incident Management

Policies and procedures shall be established, and supporting business processes and technical measures implemented, to triage security-related events and ensure timely and thorough incident management, as per established IT service management policies and procedures.

SEF-03: Incident Reporting

Workforce personnel and external business relationships shall be informed of their responsibilities and, if required, shall consent and/or contractually agree to report all information security events in a timely manner. Information security events shall be reported through predefined communications channels in a timely manner adhering to applicable legal, statutory, or regulatory compliance obligations.

SEF-04: Incident Response Legal Preparation

Proper forensic procedures, including chain of custody, are required for the presentation of evidence to support potential legal action subject to the relevant jurisdiction after an information security incident. Upon notification, customers and/or other external business partners impacted by a security breach shall be given the opportunity to participate as is legally permissible in the…