12: Network Infrastructure Management

CSF v2.0 References:

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Control Statement

Establish, implement, and actively manage (track, report, correct) network devices, in order to prevent attackers from exploiting vulnerable network services and access points.

[csf.tools Note: For more information on the Critical Security Controls, visit the Center for Internet Security.]


12.1: Ensure Network Infrastructure is Up-to-Date

Ensure network infrastructure is kept up-to-date. Example implementations include running the latest stable release of software and/or using currently supported network-as-a-service (NaaS) offerings. Review software versions monthly, or more frequently, to verify software support.

12.3: Securely Manage Network Infrastructure

Securely manage network infrastructure. Example implementations include version-controlled-infrastructure-as-code, and the use of secure network protocols, such as SSH and HTTPS.

12.4: Establish and Maintain Architecture Diagram(s)

Establish and maintain architecture diagram(s) and/or other network system documentation. Review and update documentation annually, or when significant enterprise changes occur that could impact this Safeguard.