GV.SC-08: Relevant suppliers and other third parties are included in incident planning, response, and recovery activities

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Subcategory is new to this version of the framework and incorporates the following item from the previous version: ID.SC-5: Response and recovery planning and testing are conducted with suppliers and third-party providers.


[csf.tools Note: Subcategories do not have detailed descriptions. However NIST has provided the following implementation examples.]

Implementation Examples

Ex1: Define and use rules and protocols for reporting incident response and recovery activities and the status between the organization and its suppliers

Ex2: Identify and document the roles and responsibilities of the organization and its suppliers for incident response

Ex3: Include critical suppliers in incident response exercises and simulations

Ex4: Define and coordinate crisis communication methods and protocols between the organization and its critical suppliers

Ex5: Conduct collaborative lessons learned sessions with critical suppliers

3rd: 3rd Party Risk