PR.AA-01: Identities and credentials for authorized users, services, and hardware are managed by the organization

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Subcategory is new to this version of the framework and incorporates the following item from the previous version: PR.AC-1: Identities and credentials are issued, managed, verified, revoked, and audited for authorized devices, users and processes.


[ Note: Subcategories do not have detailed descriptions. However NIST has provided the following implementation examples.]

Implementation Examples

1st: 1st Party Risk

Ex1: Initiate requests for new access or additional access for employees, contractors, and others, and track, review, and fulfill the requests, with permission from system or data owners when needed

Ex2: Issue, manage, and revoke cryptographic certificates and identity tokens, cryptographic keys (i.e., key management), and other credentials

Ex3: Select a unique identifier for each device from immutable hardware characteristics or an identifier securely provisioned to the device

Ex4: Physically label authorized hardware with an identifier for inventory and servicing purposes