PR.AT-01: Personnel are provided with awareness and training so that they possess the knowledge and skills to perform general tasks with cybersecurity risks in mind

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[ Note: Subcategories do not have detailed descriptions. However NIST has provided the following implementation examples.]

Implementation Examples

1st: 1st Party Risk

Ex1: Provide basic cybersecurity awareness and training to employees, contractors, partners, suppliers, and all other users of the organization's non-public resources

Ex2: Train personnel to recognize social engineering attempts and other common attacks, report attacks and suspicious activity, comply with acceptable use policies, and perform basic cyber hygiene tasks (e.g., patching software, choosing passwords, protecting credentials)

Ex3: Explain the consequences of cybersecurity policy violations, both to individual users and the organization as a whole

Ex4: Periodically assess or test users on their understanding of basic cybersecurity practices

Ex5: Require annual refreshers to reinforce existing practices and introduce new practices