AU-12: Audit Generation

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Control Statement

The information system:

  1. Provides audit record generation capability for the auditable events defined in AU-2 a. at [Assignment: organization-defined information system components];
  2. Allows [Assignment: organization-defined personnel or roles] to select which auditable events are to be audited by specific components of the information system; and
  3. Generates audit records for the events defined in AU-2 d. with the content defined in AU-3.

Supplemental Guidance

Audit records can be generated from many different information system components. The list of audited events is the set of events for which audits are to be generated. These events are typically a subset of all events for which the information system is capable of generating audit records.

Control Enhancements

AU-12(1): System-Wide / Time-Correlated Audit Trail


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The information system compiles audit records from [Assignment: organization-defined information system components] into a system-wide (logical or physical) audit trail that is time-correlated to within [Assignment: organization-defined level of tolerance for the relationship between time stamps of individual records in the audit trail].

AU-12(2): Standardized Formats


(Not part of any baseline)

The information system produces a system-wide (logical or physical) audit trail composed of audit records in a standardized format.

AU-12(3): Changes By Authorized Individuals


  • High

The information system provides the capability for [Assignment: organization-defined individuals or roles] to change the auditing to be performed on [Assignment: organization-defined information system components] based on [Assignment: organization-defined selectable event criteria] within [Assignment: organization-defined time thresholds].