IR-6: Incident Reporting

Control Family:

Incident Response

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    • IR-6
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Control Statement

The organization:

  1. Requires personnel to report suspected security incidents to the organizational incident response capability within [Assignment: organization-defined time period]; and
  2. Reports security incident information to [Assignment: organization-defined authorities].

Supplemental Guidance

The intent of this control is to address both specific incident reporting requirements within an organization and the formal incident reporting requirements for federal agencies and their subordinate organizations. Suspected security incidents include, for example, the receipt of suspicious email communications that can potentially contain malicious code. The types of security incidents reported, the content and timeliness of the reports, and the designated reporting authorities reflect applicable federal laws, Executive Orders, directives, regulations, policies, standards, and guidance. Current federal policy requires that all federal agencies (unless specifically exempted from such requirements) report security incidents to the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) within specified time frames designated in the US-CERT Concept of Operations for Federal Cyber Security Incident Handling.

Control Enhancements

IR-6(1): Automated Reporting


  • Moderate
  • High

The organization employs automated mechanisms to assist in the reporting of security incidents.

IR-6(2): Vulnerabilities Related To Incidents


(Not part of any baseline)

The organization reports information system vulnerabilities associated with reported security incidents to [Assignment: organization-defined personnel or roles].

IR-6(3): Coordination With Supply Chain


(Not part of any baseline)

The organization provides security incident information to other organizations involved in the supply chain for information systems or information system components related to the incident.