MA-2: Controlled Maintenance

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Control Statement

The organization:

  1. Schedules, performs, documents, and reviews records of maintenance and repairs on information system components in accordance with manufacturer or vendor specifications and/or organizational requirements;
  2. Approves and monitors all maintenance activities, whether performed on site or remotely and whether the equipment is serviced on site or removed to another location;
  3. Requires that [Assignment: organization-defined personnel or roles] explicitly approve the removal of the information system or system components from organizational facilities for off-site maintenance or repairs;
  4. Sanitizes equipment to remove all information from associated media prior to removal from organizational facilities for off-site maintenance or repairs;
  5. Checks all potentially impacted security controls to verify that the controls are still functioning properly following maintenance or repair actions; and
  6. Includes [Assignment: organization-defined maintenance-related information] in organizational maintenance records.

Supplemental Guidance

This control addresses the information security aspects of the information system maintenance program and applies to all types of maintenance to any system component (including applications) conducted by any local or nonlocal entity (e.g., in-contract, warranty, in-house, software maintenance agreement). System maintenance also includes those components not directly associated with information processing and/or data/information retention such as scanners, copiers, and printers. Information necessary for creating effective maintenance records includes, for example: (i) date and time of maintenance; (ii) name of individuals or group performing the maintenance; (iii) name of escort, if necessary; (iv) a description of the maintenance performed; and (v) information system components/equipment removed or replaced (including identification numbers, if applicable). The level of detail included in maintenance records can be informed by the security categories of organizational information systems. Organizations consider supply chain issues associated with replacement components for information systems.

Control Enhancements

MA-2(2): Automated Maintenance Activities


  • High

The organization: Employs automated mechanisms to schedule, conduct, and document maintenance and repairs; and Produces up-to date, accurate, and complete records of all maintenance and repair actions requested, scheduled, in process, and completed.