SC-28: Protection Of Information At Rest

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Control Statement

The information system protects the [Selection (one or more): confidentiality; integrity] of [Assignment: organization-defined information at rest].

Supplemental Guidance

This control addresses the confidentiality and integrity of information at rest and covers user information and system information. Information at rest refers to the state of information when it is located on storage devices as specific components of information systems. System-related information requiring protection includes, for example, configurations or rule sets for firewalls, gateways, intrusion detection/prevention systems, filtering routers, and authenticator content. Organizations may employ different mechanisms to achieve confidentiality and integrity protections, including the use of cryptographic mechanisms and file share scanning. Integrity protection can be achieved, for example, by implementing Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) technologies. Organizations may also employ other security controls including, for example, secure off-line storage in lieu of online storage when adequate protection of information at rest cannot otherwise be achieved and/or continuous monitoring to identify malicious code at rest.

Control Enhancements

SC-28(1): Cryptographic Protection


(Not part of any baseline)

The information system implements cryptographic mechanisms to prevent unauthorized disclosure and modification of [Assignment: organization-defined information] on [Assignment: organization-defined information system components].

SC-28(2): Off-Line Storage


(Not part of any baseline)

The organization removes from online storage and stores off-line in a secure location [Assignment: organization-defined information].