AC-2(7): Privileged User Accounts

Control Family:

Access Control

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(Not part of any baseline)

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Control Statement

  1. Establish and administer privileged user accounts in accordance with [Assignment: a role-based access scheme, an attribute-based access scheme];
  2. Monitor privileged role or attribute assignments;
  3. Monitor changes to roles or attributes; and
  4. Revoke access when privileged role or attribute assignments are no longer appropriate.

Supplemental Guidance

Privileged roles are organization-defined roles assigned to individuals that allow those individuals to perform certain security-relevant functions that ordinary users are not authorized to perform. Privileged roles include key management, account management, database administration, system and network administration, and web administration. A role-based access scheme organizes permitted system access and privileges into roles. In contrast, an attribute-based access scheme specifies allowed system access and privileges based on attributes.