AU-16: Cross-organizational Audit Logging

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Control Statement

Employ [Assignment: organization-defined methods] for coordinating [Assignment: organization-defined audit information] among external organizations when audit information is transmitted across organizational boundaries.

Supplemental Guidance

When organizations use systems or services of external organizations, the audit logging capability necessitates a coordinated, cross-organization approach. For example, maintaining the identity of individuals who request specific services across organizational boundaries may often be difficult, and doing so may prove to have significant performance and privacy ramifications. Therefore, it is often the case that cross-organizational audit logging simply captures the identity of individuals who issue requests at the initial system, and subsequent systems record that the requests originated from authorized individuals. Organizations consider including processes for coordinating audit information requirements and protection of audit information in information exchange agreements.

Control Enhancements

AU-16(2): Sharing of Audit Information


(Not part of any baseline)

Provide cross-organizational audit information to [Assignment: organization-defined organizations] based on [Assignment: organization-defined cross-organizational sharing agreements].

AU-16(3): Disassociability


(Not part of any baseline)

Implement [Assignment: organization-defined measures] to disassociate individuals from audit information transmitted across organizational boundaries.