CP-9(3): Separate Storage for Critical Information

Control Family:

Contingency Planning

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CP-9: System Backup

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Control Statement

Store backup copies of [Assignment: organization-defined critical system software and other security-related information] in a separate facility or in a fire rated container that is not collocated with the operational system.

Supplemental Guidance

Separate storage for critical information applies to all critical information regardless of the type of backup storage media. Critical system software includes operating systems, middleware, cryptographic key management systems, and intrusion detection systems. Security-related information includes inventories of system hardware, software, and firmware components. Alternate storage sites, including geographically distributed architectures, serve as separate storage facilities for organizations. Organizations may provide separate storage by implementing automated backup processes at alternative storage sites (e.g., data centers). The General Services Administration (GSA) establishes standards and specifications for security and fire rated containers.