IA-8(2): Acceptance of External Authenticators

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Incorporates the following control from the previous version of the control set: IA-8(3): Use Of Ficam-Approved Products.

Control Statement

  1. Accept only external authenticators that are NIST-compliant; and
  2. Document and maintain a list of accepted external authenticators.

Supplemental Guidance

Acceptance of only NIST-compliant external authenticators applies to organizational systems that are accessible to the public (e.g., public-facing websites). External authenticators are issued by nonfederal government entities and are compliant with SP 800-63B. Approved external authenticators meet or exceed the minimum Federal Government-wide technical, security, privacy, and organizational maturity requirements. Meeting or exceeding Federal requirements allows Federal Government relying parties to trust external authenticators in connection with an authentication transaction at a specified authenticator assurance level.