IR-4(11): Integrated Incident Response Team

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Incident Response

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Control is new to this version of the control set and incorporates the following item from the previous version: IR-10: Integrated Information Security Analysis Team.

Control Statement

Establish and maintain an integrated incident response team that can be deployed to any location identified by the organization in [Assignment: organization-defined time period].

Supplemental Guidance

An integrated incident response team is a team of experts that assesses, documents, and responds to incidents so that organizational systems and networks can recover quickly and implement the necessary controls to avoid future incidents. Incident response team personnel include forensic and malicious code analysts, tool developers, systems security and privacy engineers, and real-time operations personnel. The incident handling capability includes performing rapid forensic preservation of evidence and analysis of and response to intrusions. For some organizations, the incident response team can be a cross-organizational entity.

An integrated incident response team facilitates information sharing and allows organizational personnel (e.g., developers, implementers, and operators) to leverage team knowledge of the threat and implement defensive measures that enable organizations to deter intrusions more effectively. Moreover, integrated teams promote the rapid detection of intrusions, the development of appropriate mitigations, and the deployment of effective defensive measures. For example, when an intrusion is detected, the integrated team can rapidly develop an appropriate response for operators to implement, correlate the new incident with information on past intrusions, and augment ongoing cyber intelligence development. Integrated incident response teams are better able to identify adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures that are linked to the operations tempo or specific mission and business functions and to define responsive actions in a way that does not disrupt those mission and business functions. Incident response teams can be distributed within organizations to make the capability resilient.