PE-13: Fire Protection

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Control Statement

Employ and maintain fire detection and suppression systems that are supported by an independent energy source.

Supplemental Guidance

The provision of fire detection and suppression systems applies primarily to organizational facilities that contain concentrations of system resources, including data centers, server rooms, and mainframe computer rooms. Fire detection and suppression systems that may require an independent energy source include sprinkler systems and smoke detectors. An independent energy source is an energy source, such as a microgrid, that is separate, or can be separated, from the energy sources providing power for the other parts of the facility.

Control Enhancements

PE-13(2): Suppression Systems – Automatic Activation and Notification


  • High

Employ fire suppression systems that activate automatically and notify [Assignment: organization-defined personnel or roles] and [Assignment: organization-defined emergency responders]; and Employ an automatic fire suppression capability when the facility is not staffed on a continuous basis.

PE-13(4): Inspections


(Not part of any baseline)

Ensure that the facility undergoes [Assignment: organization-defined frequency] fire protection inspections by authorized and qualified inspectors and identified deficiencies are resolved within [Assignment: organization-defined time period].