PM-7: Enterprise Architecture

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Program Management

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Control Statement

Develop and maintain an enterprise architecture with consideration for information security, privacy, and the resulting risk to organizational operations and assets, individuals, other organizations, and the Nation.

Supplemental Guidance

The integration of security and privacy requirements and controls into the enterprise architecture helps to ensure that security and privacy considerations are addressed throughout the system development life cycle and are explicitly related to the organization's mission and business processes. The process of security and privacy requirements integration also embeds into the enterprise architecture and the organization's security and privacy architectures consistent with the organizational risk management strategy. For PM-7, security and privacy architectures are developed at a system-of-systems level, representing all organizational systems. For PL-8, the security and privacy architectures are developed at a level that represents an individual system. The system-level architectures are consistent with the security and privacy architectures defined for the organization. Security and privacy requirements and control integration are most effectively accomplished through the rigorous application of the Risk Management Framework SP 800-37 and supporting security standards and guidelines.

Control Enhancements

PM-7(1): Offloading


(Not part of any baseline)

Offload [Assignment: organization-defined non-essential functions or services] to other systems, system components, or an external provider.