PM-7(1): Offloading

Control Family:

Program Management

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Control is new to this version of the control set.

Control Statement

Offload [Assignment: organization-defined non-essential functions or services] to other systems, system components, or an external provider.

Supplemental Guidance

Not every function or service that a system provides is essential to organizational mission or business functions. Printing or copying is an example of a non-essential but supporting service for an organization. Whenever feasible, such supportive but non-essential functions or services are not co-located with the functions or services that support essential mission or business functions. Maintaining such functions on the same system or system component increases the attack surface of the organization's mission-essential functions or services. Moving supportive but non-essential functions to a non-critical system, system component, or external provider can also increase efficiency by putting those functions or services under the control of individuals or providers who are subject matter experts in the functions or services.