SI-4(12): Automated Organization-generated Alerts

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  • High

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Control Statement

Alert [Assignment: organization-defined personnel or roles] using [Assignment: organization-defined automated mechanisms] when the following indications of inappropriate or unusual activities with security or privacy implications occur: [Assignment: organization-defined activities that trigger alerts].

Supplemental Guidance

Organizational personnel on the system alert notification list include system administrators, mission or business owners, system owners, senior agency information security officer, senior agency official for privacy, system security officers, or privacy officers. Automated organization-generated alerts are the security alerts generated by organizations and transmitted using automated means. The sources for organization-generated alerts are focused on other entities such as suspicious activity reports and reports on potential insider threats. In contrast to alerts generated by the organization, alerts generated by the system in SI-4(5) focus on information sources that are internal to the systems, such as audit records.