Sunburst Visualization of the Cyber Security Framework


Sunburst diagrams visualize the cumulative (or recursive) size of each element along a radial axis. The size of the sector indicates the cumulative number of CSF elements or controls that are encompassed by that sector. For example, you can see below that the CSF function containing the most controls is Protect.

Hover over elements to get more information. Click on an element to zoom to it.

Control Set

    5 thoughts on “Sunburst Visualization of the Cyber Security Framework”

    1. Dear NIST team,
      thank you for this great visualization tools. This really helps to get a good overview.
      But I noted a discrepancy in the visualization of SP-800-53R5 and the Subcategory of PR.DS-1:
      The visualization displays 3 controls for PR.DS-1, only. Missing are SC-28 and three MP controls as of
      I assume the document takes precedence over the visualization, doesn’t it?
      Best regards,

      1. Hello and thank you for the feedback! By default, the Low baseline for SP 800-53 is selected. No controls in that baseline map to PR.DS-2. If you clear the baseline filter (at the top of the visualization), you will get mapping of every control in SP 800-53, which it sounds like is what you are looking for. Hope that helps!

    2. This is a great tool to visualize several aspects of several frameworks.
      I would be greate if we could tick-off those controlls which are already in place at our company, so that we can easily visulize, where we still need to improve

      1. We are continually making improvements and expanding the site functionality. There is more coming that you will be able to use to track program progress.

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