• xThreat Vector: Spoofing
IDNameImplementation GroupsThreats
1Inventory and Control of Hardware Assets   STRIDE-LM
1.8Utilize Client Certificates to Authenticate Hardware Assets  STRIDE-LM
4Controlled Use of Administrative Privileges   STRIDE-LM
4.5Use Multi-Factor Authentication for All Administrative Access STRIDE-LM
7Email and Web Browser Protections   STRIDE-LM
7.8Implement DMARC and Enable Receiver-Side Verification STRIDE-LM
11Secure Configuration for Network Devices, such as Firewalls, Routers and Switches   STRIDE-LM
11.5Manage Network Devices Using Multi-Factor Authentication and Encrypted Sessions STRIDE-LM
12Boundary Defense   STRIDE-LM
12.11Require All Remote Login to Use Multi-Factor Authentication STRIDE-LM
15Wireless Access Control   STRIDE-LM
15.8Use Wireless Authentication Protocols That Require Mutual, Multi-Factor Authentication  STRIDE-LM
16Account Monitoring and Control   STRIDE-LM
16.3Require Multi-Factor Authentication STRIDE-LM
16.8Disable Any Unassociated AccountsSTRIDE-LM
16.9Disable Dormant AccountsSTRIDE-LM
16.11Lock Workstation Sessions After InactivitySTRIDE-LM