SA-12(8): Use Of All-Source Intelligence


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Control is withdrawn in the next version of this control set and incorporated into: RA-3(2): Use of All-source Intelligence.

Control Statement

The organization uses all-source intelligence analysis of suppliers and potential suppliers of the information system, system component, or information system service.

Supplemental Guidance

All-source intelligence analysis is employed by organizations to inform engineering, acquisition, and risk management decisions. All-source intelligence consists of intelligence products and/or organizations and activities that incorporate all sources of information, most frequently including human intelligence, imagery intelligence, measurement and signature intelligence, signals intelligence, and open source data in the production of finished intelligence. Where available, such information is used to analyze the risk of both intentional and unintentional vulnerabilities from development, manufacturing, and delivery processes, people, and the environment. This review is performed on suppliers at multiple tiers in the supply chain sufficient to manage risks.