CCC-02: Quality Testing

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Control Statement

Follow a defined quality change control, approval and testing process with established baselines, testing, and release standards.

Implementation Guidance

A plan to test and review during the development process should be prepared. This plan should include (but is not limited to) relevant activities and test inputs, and expected outputs regarding various conditions that may impact the outcome. For internal organizational developments, the team that oversees development efforts initially can perform such tests. Independent acceptance testing can then be performed (both for internal and external development sources) to determine whether the system functions as intended. Testing should be proportionate to the system’s relevance based on its nature. Testing record(s) should be documented before implementing all planned changes to organization assets (including applications, systems, infrastructure, configuration, etc.), regardless of whether the assets are managed internally or externally (i.e., outsourced). The record(s) should comprise a test plan, configuration baseline before the change, the test result, and the new configuration baseline. The quality testing plan might align with relevant standards or guidelines (i.e., ITIL or ISO 20000, etc.)

Auditing Guidance

  1. Examine relevant documentation, observe relevant processes, and/or interview the control owner(s), relevant stakeholders, for change management and determine if the policy control requirements provided in the policy have been implemented.
  2. Examine measures that evaluate(s) the organization's compliance with the change and configuration management policy and determine if these measures are implemented according to policy control requirements.

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