CCC-09: Change Restoration

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Control Statement

Define and implement a process to proactively roll back changes to a previous known good state in case of errors or security concerns.

Implementation Guidance

Rollback procedures should be created and tested with each change request.

Auditing Guidance

  1. Examine policy and/or procedures related to change management and determine if roll back procedures are defined and implemented, including procedures and responsibilities for aborting and recovering from unsuccessful changes and unforeseen events.
  2. Examine relevant documentation, observe relevant processes, and/or interview the control owner(s) and/or relevant stakeholders, as needed to ensure that roll back procedures are defined and implemented and determine if the policy control requirements stipulated in the policy have been implemented. Select a sample of changes and examine the change management record to confirm that the change was assessed and included appropriate fallback procedures in the event of a failed change.
  3. Examine measure(s) that evaluate(s) the organization's compliance with the change management policy and determine if these measures are implemented according to policy control requirements.
  4. Obtain and examine supporting documentation maintained as evidence of these metrics, measures, tests, or audits to determine if the office or individual responsible reviews the information and, if issues were identified, they were investigated and corrected.

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