AC-18: Wireless Access

Control Family:

Access Control

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Control Statement

  1. Establish configuration requirements, connection requirements, and implementation guidance for each type of wireless access; and
  2. Authorize each type of wireless access to the system prior to allowing such connections.

Supplemental Guidance

Wireless technologies include microwave, packet radio (ultra-high frequency or very high frequency), 802.11x, and Bluetooth. Wireless networks use authentication protocols that provide authenticator protection and mutual authentication.

Control Enhancements

AC-18(3): Disable Wireless Networking


  • Moderate
  • High

Disable, when not intended for use, wireless networking capabilities embedded within system components prior to issuance and deployment.

AC-18(5): Antennas and Transmission Power Levels


  • High

Select radio antennas and calibrate transmission power levels to reduce the probability that signals from wireless access points can be received outside of organization-controlled boundaries.