• xThreat Vector: Repudiation
IDNameImplementation GroupsThreats
6Maintenance, Monitoring and Analysis of Audit Logs   STRIDE-LM
6.2Activate Audit LoggingSTRIDE-LM
6.3Enable Detailed Logging STRIDE-LM
12Boundary Defense   STRIDE-LM
12.5Configure Monitoring Systems to Record Network Packets STRIDE-LM
12.8Deploy NetFlow Collection on Networking Boundary Devices STRIDE-LM
14Controlled Access Based on the Need to Know   STRIDE-LM
14.8Encrypt Sensitive Information at Rest  STRIDE-LM
15Wireless Access Control   STRIDE-LM
15.8Use Wireless Authentication Protocols That Require Mutual, Multi-Factor Authentication  STRIDE-LM
16Account Monitoring and Control   STRIDE-LM
16.8Disable Any Unassociated AccountsSTRIDE-LM
16.9Disable Dormant AccountsSTRIDE-LM
16.11Lock Workstation Sessions After InactivitySTRIDE-LM