SC-16: Transmission of Security and Privacy Attributes

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Control Statement

Associate [Assignment: organization-defined security and privacy attributes] with information exchanged between systems and between system components.

Supplemental Guidance

Security and privacy attributes can be explicitly or implicitly associated with the information contained in organizational systems or system components. Attributes are abstractions that represent the basic properties or characteristics of an entity with respect to protecting information or the management of personally identifiable information. Attributes are typically associated with internal data structures, including records, buffers, and files within the system. Security and privacy attributes are used to implement access control and information flow control policies; reflect special dissemination, management, or distribution instructions, including permitted uses of personally identifiable information; or support other aspects of the information security and privacy policies. Privacy attributes may be used independently or in conjunction with security attributes.

Control Enhancements

SC-16(2): Anti-spoofing Mechanisms


(Not part of any baseline)

Implement anti-spoofing mechanisms to prevent adversaries from falsifying the security attributes indicating the successful application of the security process.

SC-16(3): Cryptographic Binding


(Not part of any baseline)

Implement [Assignment: organization-defined mechanisms or techniques] to bind security and privacy attributes to transmitted information.