IAM-02: Credential Lifecycle / Provision Management

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Control Statement

User access policies and procedures shall be established, and supporting business processes and technical measures implemented, for ensuring appropriate identity, entitlement, and access management for all internal corporate and customer (tenant) users with access to data and organizationally-owned or managed (physical and virtual) application interfaces and infrastructure network and systems components. These policies, procedures, processes, and measures must incorporate the following:

  • Procedures, supporting roles, and responsibilities for provisioning and de-provisioning user account entitlements following the rule of least privilege based on job function (e.g., internal employee and contingent staff personnel changes, customer-controlled access, suppliers’ business relationships, or other third-party business relationships)
  • Business case considerations for higher levels of assurance and multi-factor authentication secrets (e.g., management interfaces, key generation, remote access, segregation of duties, emergency access, large-scale provisioning or geographically-distributed deployments, and personnel redundancy for critical systems)
  • Access segmentation to sessions and data in multi-tenant architectures by any third party (e.g., provider and/or other customer (tenant))
  • Identity trust verification and service-to-service application (API) and information processing interoperability (e.g., SSO and federation)
  • Account credential lifecycle management from instantiation through revocation
  • Account credential and/or identity store minimization or re-use when feasible
  • Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) rules for access to data and sessions (e.g., encryption and strong/multi-factor, expireable, non-shared authentication secrets)
  • Permissions and supporting capabilities for customer (tenant) controls over authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) rules for access to data and sessions
  • Adherence to applicable legal, statutory, or regulatory compliance requirements

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